Quit Smoking

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is different from other therapies in that it is drug free, there is no physical manipulation and the conscious mind, with its anxious or analytical thoughts, is bypassed. It is the conscious mind which can often hinder the success of other forms of psychological work such as counselling or psychotherapy.

Beneficial results are often achieved faster than with other therapies. Using the tool of hypnosis the therapist guides the client into a relaxed state enabling direct access to their subconscious mind

Using positive suggestion and imagery the therapist is able to focus on the behaviours that the client wishes to change

How many sessions will it take?
Anti-smoking Therapy is done in just ONE session lasting up to 2 hours. No initial consultation necessary.

How much will it cost?

Most clients stop in just one session but a free follow-up is offered within three months if you need a little extra help

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